Monday, October 17, 2011

Pororo Video

Pororo film is about friendship of animals who live in the village of Porong Porong Forrest on a snowy island.
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Pororo is an impish little penguin bubbling with curiosity. He has to explore, play, taste, smell, poke, prod, figure out anything that he finds and crosses his path. However, tend to act before thinking which sometimes gets him into a trouble.Pororo loves speed and wants to very active but his legs is too short to take him to everywhere as fast as he wants. And when he rides snowboards, he has nothing to fear and becomes real speed fanatic although he rarely falls down more than riding. Always bringing fun and joy into the village.

The story follows his adventures with the rest of his artic friends.
They are
- Loopy the beaver,  

Loopy is our rosy and is extremly sensitive and shy. She has a habit of hugging her tail and covering her rosy cheeks with her tiny claws when she is frightened or worried. Sometimes, she feels being cubby. One of her hobbies is cooking. All her friends loves whatever she cooked.


  -Petty the penguin

She is very open hearted and gets along well with friends after she moves to the village. Petty is friendly, sociable penguin girl and very feminine. However, she has a talent for every sport like soccer, running, swimming, etc which other friends admire her about. Otherwise, her cooking is very poor.

Poby the polar bear

Poby is a polar bear who lives on a glacier. He lives with six other animal friends in the village of Porong Porong Forrest on a snowy island. Warm hearted Poby trademark is big black nose, disarming smile and wearing a blue denim overall. There is no wonder that he is strong but he does not use his strength to anyone.He plases other friends with ice carving. Poby likes humming along the music and ice fishing.

Harry the hummingbird


Harry is a wayward hummingbird who lost his way from Summer Island. He is temperamental and likes to sing. Harry lives in a small cabin in Poby’s house.


Crong the dinosaur 

Crong is a baby green dinosaur. Pororo, one day discoveres an egg, which later hatches Crong. He is adopted by Pororo as his little brother. Wherever pororo goes, crong is sure to follow

Eddy the fox. 

He is a stubborn little red fox who is intelligent and a great inventor. Often his inventions cause real problems for everyone in the neighborhood. He enjoys repairing broken things and working on his inventions, but some of his odd inventions cause many problems in the village. Eddy lives in a hollowed-out tree stump.

Apparently episodes often show in 7 minutes installments and Pororo has been on the air since 2003. The theme Pororo song makes me way too happy as well. Just enjoy it. 

The English text to the Pororo Song lyric

I love to play all day
Come join me all my friends
Always happy, as can be
Little Penguin, Pororo
Snow covered wonderland
Make way for Pororo
Always happy, as can be
Everyday a new adventure waits for me
Call for him my Little Penguin
Porong Porong Pororo
Porong Porong Pororo
Porong Porong Porong Porong
Porong Porong Po! Ro Ro!
I love to play all day
Come join me all my friends
Always happy, as can be
Porong, Porong, Porong, Porong, Pororo